A little about     Ayitian Coffee

Did you know that in 1788 Haiti was producing half of the world's supply of coffee? Nowadays it is still producing one of the finest coffee beans in the world, relying on the 'ti kiltivate', the smallholder farmers in the country's mountainous regions.

We are very proud to select for you the best Haitian coffee and bring it to your door.

Bon bagay!


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The coffee has many enemies. Oxygen, moisture, time, and other forces are relentless in their affront against the bean, and coffee lovers have to be prepared. Valve bag offer a storage solution that delays the threat of nature and keeps coffee fresh for as long as possible. This 200g bag (h28cm x w18cm) will fit perfectly into your mail box so you will never miss your coffee delivery.

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Roast or ground

How do you drink your coffee?

Espresso? French Press? Pour-over? or Aeropress?  

You select and we grind it for you.


Coffee from Haiti

Have you ever had coffee from Ayiti?

Ayitian coffee is rich in flavour with a medium body and a relatively low acidity that gives this pleasant softness and smooth taste.